Own The Libs

Liberal media outlets are furious that I stated in my podcast, and during my NRATV show, that conservatives should strategically “own the Libs.” Here’s my short answer to them, “get used to it.” In addition, a few old-guard Republicans objected to my “own the Libs” strategy believing it’s counterproductive in the long-term. They’re wrong.

Holding out hope that, post-Kavanaugh, there’s going to be some peace-pipe smoking and a grand rapprochement with the Left is ridiculous. The Left has become radicalized in large part due to an increasingly radical donor base, the geometric growth in the power of radical far-Left activist group voices due to the social media echo-chamber and, importantly, their out-of-control rage against President Trump. We’ve crossed the Rubicon, there’s no turning back.

Donald Trump knows this. He saw this during his campaign and his pugilistic style is perfectly suited to this new, troubling, era of street-fight politics. Yet, a few old-guard Republicans can’t seem to accept this. They’re still hoping to revert back to the “old rules.” The old rules were simple. Republicans would propose something, anything, whether it be tax cuts, entitlement reform, a nominee for the courts, it doesn’t matter, and the Democrat-Media complex would dutifully respond with personal, malicious, attacks with the vilest of smears. Disgusting, filthy, charges of racism, sexism, and worse, liberally followed those proposals and Republicans would quickly either apologize or back down. The old rules proponents believed that persuadable voters would then come to understand who conservatives WEREN’T in light of their weak apologies. Conservatives aren’t racists, or worse, and all the Republicans needed to do is dial down the temperature a bit and back down and surely the voters would understand those horrible labels don’t apply. This strategy has been an abysmal failure as Republicans continued to hemorrhage support among members of Minority communities and among female voters despite their pathetic tactical retreats.

Donald Trump refused to play ball with the Democrat-Media complex and he has killed the old rules. The new rules are now in effect. “Owning the Libs” means furiously fighting back on every front in this ideological war.

We will own the Libs today, we will own the Libs tomorrow, we will own the Libs next month, and next year. We will not be retreating or apologizing anymore. Those days are over and this new era has been ushered in by the combative, no-retreat style, of Donald Trump.

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh is another conservative victory for the “new rules.” A lesser Republican President would’ve surely backed away from supporting the stellar Brett Kavanaugh under the old rules standard. Trump doubled-down, and owned the Libs in the process.

Americans don’t respect weakness. Americans respect a fighter, however uncomfortable their stylistic choices make them. The days of cheaply folding in the face of the disgusting attacks from the Democrat-Media complex are over.

An additional benefit from the Trump new rules standard has been to enrage the now chaotic Left to the point of tactical inefficiency. The Left, and their media allies, had their attack strategy down to a science. Lob racism, and other filthy grenade charges, and watch the Republicans scatter off the battlefield and then tactically move in and mop up the conservative battlefield remnants afterwards by isolating them.

Trump’s absolute refusal to back down under the Left’s grotesque onslaught has emboldened the conservative soldiers on the battlefield, and it has left the Democrat-Media complex bewildered and confused. They’ve never had to fight a war of attrition, having grown accustomed to easy battlefield victories over the GOP. And, as a result, they’ve exploded in visceral rage as they aggressively, and in some cases, violently, confront innocent conservatives in the streets. This is the gift of the Donald Trump presidency – his ability to enrage the Left to such a point that they expose themselves to the American people. They exposed to all of us who they really are – power hungry statists hellbent on devouring your liberty and freedom at ANY cost. Even at the cost of calling a father, a son, a coach, and a dedicated public servant, a “gang rapist.”

Own the Libs. Never back down. These people are not interested in anything more than state power at your expense. Appeasement will not work. When they’re ready to return to civility we’re all ears but there is exactly zero evidence that’s going happen as the Left grows increasingly deranged. I’m sorry if this offends you. I’m sorry if you’ve been misled into thinking the old rules still apply. They don’t. The new rules are now in effect. We didn’t ask for this fight, they did. But now they’ve awoken the sleeping giant. Own the Libs.

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