Parents Fight Back After They Say School Punished Kids for Wearing MAGA Hats

Parents Fight Back After They Say School Punished Kids for Wearing MAGA Hats

A group of Arizona parents participated in a protest after they say their children were punished for wearing MAGA hats for a “Party in the USA” spirit day at school on Friday.

The Washington Times reports, “Around 40 people, including a few students, gathered Monday morning across the street from Perry High School in Gilbert with signs and flags saying ‘Make America Great Again’ and other messages supportive of President Donald Trump.”

For “Party in the USA Day,” some students wore MAGA attire and one brought a Trump flag. Parents and students say the school demanded they remove their Trump gear.

AZ Central reports: Jennifer Farris, another mom with a student in the group, said assistant principals were among those asking the students to remove the Trump attire. The mother said she was told officials considered the clothing “offensive,” and that the kids were being disrespectful by wearing it and could face sanctions if they didn’t comply.

**LISTEN: Dan applauds the Arizona parents fighting back after their kids were banned from wearing MAGA attire at school**

School principal, Dan Serrano said it was false to say students were disciplined for wearing Trump attire and claimed that only students who carried political signs during Friday’s lunch were asked to put them away because they created safety concerns.

Serrano claims the school cannot correct the record because of “federal privacy laws relating to disclosure of student information.”

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