Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi admitted that Democrats have been trying to impeach President Trump for the last “two and a half years.”

WarRoom.org points out that during an interview at Politico’s “Women Rule” summit on Tuesday, Pelosi was questioned about the speed at which the Democrats are trying to impeach the President.


“One of the biggest criticisms of the process has been the speed at which the House Democrats are moving….” said the interviewer.

Pelosi responded, “Its been going on for 22 months, ok? “Two and a half years, actually.”

The interviewer then said, “There has been some criticism though, I will say about whether or not you should move forward before the end of the year or wait for the courts. Why do you think now is the time to move?”

Again, Pelosi reiterated that Democrats have been in the process of impeaching President Trump for the last two and a half years, citing the inception of the Mueller investigation, which began on May 17,2017.

“Well I think we’re not moving with speed. This, uh, wasn’t it two and a half years ago they initiated the Mueller investigation…,” she replied.