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Pelosi Says STILL Too EARLY to Talk Impeachment After Mueller Hearing

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As analysts, politicians and talking heads try to figure out just who benefitted from the uncomfortable Mueller hearing yesterday on Capitol Hill, one beneficial and perhaps surprising consequence has occurred: Pelosi is not jumping on the impeachment immediately bandwagon.

At least not just yet. Even as some Democrats seemed to be vying for an Emmy award with their performances begging and pleading that “no one is above the law” and no other president would have “gotten away with” what Trump has, their champagne wishes and caviar dreams may be dead.

According to the Washington Times, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony Wednesday a watershed moment but said it’s still too early to talk impeachment. She said Congress still needs to gather more evidence…suggesting that Mr. Mueller’s details of potential obstruction of justice didn’t go far enough to justify” his “ouster.”

Before we enjoy a moment of reprieve, Pelosi still may plan to waste taxpayers’ time and money. The Speaker “pointed to the president’s finances and other areas she said Mr. Mueller wasn’t allowed to investigate, where she predicted Democrats will find the goods to show the motives for the crimes Democrats say Mr. Trump committed” reported the Times.

One can only hope this is her best attempt at “squashing” or holding her untamed progressive members at bay and that she will not actually continue this empty witch hunt.

However, it’s Pelosi after all.

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