Pence SLAMS Pelosi: “I Wasn’t Sure if She was Ripping up the Speech or the Constitution”

Pence SLAMS Pelosi: “I Wasn’t Sure if She was Ripping up the Speech or the Constitution”

Vice President Mike Pence slammed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi after she shamefully ripped up President Trump’s State of the Union speech last night, calling her actions a “new low.”

Pence spoke to Fox and Friends this morning and reacted to Pelosi’s petulant behavior.

“I did not see her do it,” he said. “I found out a few moments later and I think it was a new low. I was not sure if she was ripping up the speech or ripping up the Constitution.”

He continued, “It is clear the contrast here was the president who spent an hour and a half making a speech about America — and Nancy Pelosi, in the final moments, tried to make it about her and I think the American people see through it and see through the pettiness, they see through the politics of all of it and I think what they got last night was a speech that lifted up the country that celebrated the incredible progress that we’ve made in our economy, rebuilding our military, strengthening our courts.”

Pelosi’s actions were not taken lightly, and the White House slammed her “legacy” in a tweet last night:

White House official Dan Scavino claims Pelosi “destroyed a historical record,” and tweeted, “The speech she ripped up was a one-of-a-kind record, signed by POTUS and full of stories of Bravery, Heroism and Patriotism. It belonged to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, not to her. What a disgusting display of raw partisanship!”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C, also slammed Pelosi for the move.

“You can tear up the speech, but you can’t tear up the accomplishments,” he said to Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

He urged Pelosi to provide facts which could “dispute what the president said about economic growth among all sectors of society.”

“Don’t tear up the speech, tell me where it’s wrong,” he said. “You know why Trump’s going to win? The speech is absolutely the truth, and the best is yet to come,” he continued.

When asked why she ripped up the speech last night, Pelosi said, “because it was the courteous thing to do, considering the alternative.”

According to Politico, Pelosi told colleagues today, “He shredded the truth, so I shredded his speech. What we heard last night was a disgrace.”

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