Peter Strzok Notes Released

Peter Strzok Notes Released

Michael Flynn received excellent news today as a federal appeals court ordered a judge to grant the DOJ’s move to drop the charges against him in a 2-1 decision.

That came after Flynn also received good news yesterday in the form of newly discovered exculpatory notes taken by his interviewer, now-fired-in-shame FBI special agent and husband-of-the-year Peter Strzok. A court filing said that U.S. Attorney Jeffery Jensen, who was appointed by Attorney General Bill Barr to oversee the Flynn case, “obtained and analyzed” the document, and now they’ve been made public.

As National Review’s Zachary Evans reports:

Former FBI director James Comey told President Obama that the 2016 conversations between Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak and incoming national-security adviser Michael Flynn were not criminal in nature, according to notes from former agent Peter Strzok released by Flynn’s legal team.

The page of notes was taken by Strzok appears to describe a January 5, 2017 meeting of President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and national security officials. This meeting occurred amid accusations that incoming Trump administration officials had colluded with Russian operatives. Strzok was not present at the meeting, and it is unclear what record of the meeting he consulted in taking the notes.

Strzok writes that “P,” presumably President Obama, asked, “Is there anything I shouldn’t be telling transition team?”

Strzok records that “D,” or Director Comey, responded “Kislyak calls but appear legit.”

Strzok’s notes also indicate that Biden mentioned the Logan Act during the meeting.  The Logan Act is a rarely enforced law that has been on the books since 1799 prohibiting Americans from corresponding with foreign governments “relating to controversies or disputes which do or shall exist” between the two countries. Only two people have been indicted under the Act, and even the Act’s namesake, George Logan, wasn’t deterred by it and traveled to Britain in 1810 to try to de-escalate tensions that eventually led to the War of 1812.

As was confirmed by documents released in April, accusing Flynn of violating the Logan Act was the FBI’s plan B to incriminate Flynn if he didn’t “lie,” which just goes to prove how flimsy their case always was.

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