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Petition to Recall Michigan Governor Passes 150,000 Signatures

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Over the last week, Michigan Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer has decided seemingly by fiat to extend her stay-at-home order. So now buying anything she considers “non-essential,” such as children’s car seats and seeds to grow food, or motor-boating and entering any residence that one doesn’t own, is banned. But you can still buy lottery tickets and alcohol (priorities!).

She’ll also be imposing a $1,000 fine on anyone not standing at least six feet apart.

It’s clearly obvious that she, along with other power-hungry Democrat politicians, have only one goal—amassing more power. As Kurt Schlichter at Townhall put it today, “[y]ou might think it was mind-bendingly stupid if you did not understand her real motivation – it’s the giddy joy of bossing you around.”

And now Michigan residents seem to have had enough of the governor, even though she won her 2018 election by almost ten points. An online petition calling for the recall and removal of Governor Whitmer has received over 150,000 signatures as of Monday morning.

It reads:

“Recall Governor Whitmer. Her failure’s during the Covid-19 Corona Virus is causing more Michiganders to get sick. Closing and banning various non essential business’s and activities while leaving others open. Further promoting the pandemic. She has lied since day one with her #Fixthedamnroads which she has failed to do anything in this regards. The response to #PFAS was negligence and completely removing funding for #PureMichigan clearly shows her lack of anything positive for the State of Michigan.”

The governor’s office responded:

1,392 Michiganders have been killed by coronavirus. The governor is doing everything she can to protect public health and safety. We’re going to get through this, but the best thing we can do right now is stay home and stay safe to save lives.

Whitmer also tweeted:

However, it becomes more obvious by the day that, rather than caring for the needs of Michigan,  Whitmer is playing to the Democrat party as a whole, eyeing a possible VP nomination. Which is why she walks in lockstep with the rest of her party since the start of the Chinese pandemic, feigning deep panic while seizing the opportunity to gain more power.

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