Pew Research Center Hilariously Tries to Spin Dem Failures at Fighting Coronavirus

Pew Research Center Hilariously Tries to Spin Dem Failures at Fighting Coronavirus

Who are you going to believe, the Pew Research Center, or your own eyes?

Anyone who saw their spin today on coronavirus deaths probably asked themselves that very question. It’s no secret that Blue States have been the hardest hit by the coronavirus – in part because Blue States have more population density – but also because disastrous nursing home policies the Governors there implemented. Those residing in nursing homes make up only 1.8% of the U.S. population but 42% of coronavirus deaths nationwide.

For Red States the curve has been flat for practically as long as there has been a curve. And since the worst is now behind us, cases are falling in Blue States too.

But look at how Pew decided to spin that fact:

Indeed cases are flat in Republican districts – so flat that Democrat districts will still need to see a 50% decline in newly reported cases to be on par with them!

Needless to say, Pew’s takeaway from this data was widely ridiculed.

Pew’s article also had a neat chart showing that of the 44 districts hardest hit by the coronavirus, 41 are represented by Democrats.

And hilariously in the article they use the same “logic” to dismiss that reality. “While the current death rates remain highest in districts controlled by Democrats, the trend in coronavirus fatalities over time has been decreasing in Democratic districts steadily since mid-April. In contrast, Republican-controlled districts have not seen the same declines in the trend over time,” they write.

I think I’ll choose to believe my own eyes on this one.


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