“Phony Kamala” Took on a Chinese Name While Running for SF DA

“Phony Kamala” Took on a Chinese Name While Running for SF DA

The day Kamala Harris was picked to be Joe Biden’s running mate, the Trump campaign picked the perfect name for her: “Phony Kamala.”

The nickname is as accurate as it gets, and the latest example of why is from Harris’s run for San Francisco District Attorney in 2003, where, in order to pander to the city’s large Chinese population, Harris took on the Chinese name “He Jinli.”

As the National Pulse reports, Harris was advised to do this by a local Chinese leader and friend, Su Rongli:

“At that time, He Jinli [Kamala] talked to her about the strategy of winning Chinese votes. She suggested that He Jinli choose a unified Chinese name that would be easier for Chinese voters to remember. He Jinli thought this was a good suggestion.”

Considering all we know about how Kamala is an absolute chameleon who believes in nothing other than her own political advancement, this story shouldn’t surprise anyone.

It is also more evidence that the Left only cares about minorities as long as it brings in votes.


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