Former Obama Speechwriter Ridicules Media for Saying Kamala Harris Is “Moderate”

Former Obama Speechwriter Ridicules Media for Saying Kamala Harris Is “Moderate”

Jon Favreau, a former speechwriter for President Barack Obama and host of Crooked Media’s Pod Save America, said that it’s “hilarious” that the media has been calling Kamala Harris a “centrist” and “moderate.”

Favreau pointed out what we all know to be obvious—that Harris is a real radical Leftist.

In a video posted to Twitter, Favreau said that Harris “supports something extremely close to Medicare for all, which Bernie Sanders acknowledged in his statement supporting her.” Favreau also noted Harris’s support for the Green New Deal and that she has one of the most liberal records in the Senate. “If you want to call Kamala Harris’s record in the Senate and her policies she is supporting now ‘centrist’ or ‘moderate,’ great. If that’s where the Overton window has moved, then congratulations to all the progressive activists because you have (expletive) moved the s— out of that window, that supporting the Green New Deal and basically Medicare for all is now moderate and centrist, fantastic.”

Astonishingly, Favreau is correct. We reported earlier in the week that “[A]ccording to GovTrack, a nonpartisan website that tracks bills and members of Congress, Kamala Harris was the most liberal member of the Senate last year.”

Either the Overton window has shifted so much that Harris would actually be considered “moderate,” or the media is peddling her as something very different than she is. My bet is on the latter.

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