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Ep. 1065 A Huge Victory for the Trump Team

In this episode, I address the resounding legal victory yesterday for the Trump administration. I also address the stunning court filing in the Mike…

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Ep. 1064 Time Does Not Heal All Wounds

In this episode, I address the humiliating implosion of the latest CNN anti-Trump “scoop.” I also address the liberal effort to negatively spin…

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Ep. 1063 CNN Gets Wrecked

In this episode, I address the explosive CNN fake news story about a Russian spy. I also discuss two, anti-Trump media stories that were easily…

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Ep. 1062 A Warning for the Democrats

In this episode, I address the Democrats turning on each other regarding this key 2020 election issue. I also address a potential pitfall for the…

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Ep. 1061 Debunking The Latest Media Whopper

In this episode, I address the latest media hoax about the gun issue. I also discuss the solid job numbers and the associated media coverage….

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Ep. 1060 It’s Worse Than We Thought

In this episode, I address the outrageous comments by the 2020 candidates for President at the CNN townhall yesterday. I also cover the dangers of…

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Ep. 1059 What’s With the Explosion in Fake News?

In this episode, I address the decision by this major company to attack your Second Amendment Rights. I also discuss the possibility of some major…

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Ep. 1058 Disturbing Liberal Hypocrisy Exposed

In this episode, I address the unbelievable series of liberal lies following the tragedies in the Bahamas and in Odessa. I also address the news…

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Ep. 1057 Ominous Signs Ahead?

In this episode, I address the troubling revelations in this prominent case against a former Trump official. I also address the suspicious departure…

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Ep. 1056 The Devastating Inside Story on Comey

In this episode, I address the damning Comey report along with the reasons he was not legally prosecuted for his outrageous behavior. I also address…

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Ep. 1055 The Comey Report Drops

In this episode, I address the explosion of fake news this week and what I think is going on behind the scenes to catch the leakers. I also discuss…

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Ep. 1054 Will the 2020 Election be Close?

In this episode, I address the big reason that the Democrats running in 2020 are in real trouble. I also address the latest liberal lies about this…

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