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Ep. 1012 Outrageous Video from Last Night’s Disaster

In this episode I address the winners and losers from the disastrous Democrat debate. I also address a bold new attack by a prominent social media…

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Ep. 1011 What a Mess!

In this episode I break down the top takeaways from the Democrat debate. I also address troubling new revelations about this key Obama administration…

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Ep. 1010 Here’s How to Fight Back

In this episode I address the breaking news about Bob Mueller’s witch-hunt. I also address another attack directed at a member of the Trump family….

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Ep. 1009 Breaking: The Silencing of Conservatives Continues

In this episode I show a disturbing video addressing the troubling efforts by big tech to silence conservatives on their platforms. I also address…

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Ep. 1008 Explosive New Hidden Camera Video Emerges

In this episode I address the explosive new Project Veritas video about big tech tyranny. I also discuss the best one minute video about the dangers…

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Ep. 1007 This is a Big Problem

In this episode I address what’s really going on with the Iran crisis, the troubling reasons why China stole millions of medical records, a big win…

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Ep. 1006 And the Worst Person of the Week is…

In this episode I address the explosive revelations by John Solomon about additional fake information used to target the Trump team. I address a new…

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Ep. 1005 It Begins!

In this episode I address the key takeaways from President Trump’s speech last night on Orlando. I also address the latest example of grotesque…

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Ep. 1004 The Left Can’t Make Up Its Mind

In this episode I address the left tripping over itself trying to explain away their foreign interference problem. I also address the left’s worst…

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Ep. 1003 The Whole Case Falls Apart

In this episode I address stunning new court documents that blow the lid off of another Democrat scandal. I also debunk a media hit piece promoting a…

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Ep. 1002 Don’t Let Them Get Away With This

In this episode I address the disturbing liberal coverup after President Trump’s media interview. I also address the growing attacks by big tech…

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Ep. 1001 Trump’s Interview Has Liberals Howling

In this episode I address the hypocritical liberal outrage at the latest Donald Trump interview. I also point out deeply troubling examples of…

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Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump is now available! It’s a damning account of the biggest political scandal in American history.

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