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Ep. 1041 The Spygate Lies Are Unraveling

In this episode I address the explosive new revelations now that key Spygate evidence has been released. I also address rumblings of trouble for Bob…

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Ep. 1040 The Craziest Media Moment I’ve Ever Seen

In this episode I address the latest insane, anti-Trump conspiracy theory being promoted by talking heads. I also address the continuing trade war…

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Ep. 1039 Don’t Fall For False Narratives

In this episode I address the troubling efforts by liberals and the media to pressure people into advancing false narratives in the aftermath of the…

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Ep. 1038 Endless Lies From the Media

In this episode I address the troubling misinformation campaign being waged in the aftermath of the Dayton and El Paso attacks.

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Ep. 1037 A Tragic Weekend

In this episode I address the deeply disturbing trend among power hungry politicians, and their media allies, to blame President Trump for tragedies….

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Ep. 1036 They’re Trying it Again!

In this episode I address the astonishing charges leveled at this Democrat which mirror the “collusion” charges against the Trump team. I also…

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Ep. 1035 Losers, And Bigger Losers, From The Debate

In this episode I address the disastrous performance by the Democrats in last night’s debate. I also debunk liberal lies about the economy and the…

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Ep. 1034 A Disastrous Night for the Democrats

In this episode I address the Democrats’ disastrous debate last night in Michigan and the fallout from it. I also address some troubling statistics…

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Ep. 1033 Caught in a Web of Lies Again

In this episode I address the astonishing series of media lies directed at President Trump yesterday. I also address a series of important breaks in…

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Ep. 1032 Don’t Dare Back Away From This Fight

In this episode I address President Trump’s tweet about Baltimore and cities run into the ground by Democrats. I also address a weekend interview…

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Ep. 1031 The Liberal Losses Are Piling Up

In this episode I address a confrontation on Capitol Hill which every conservative needs to see regarding deplatforming. I also address more…

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Ep. 1030 The Democrats Are In Tears

In this episode I address the abomination on Capitol Hill known as the Mueller hearing. I also address John Solomon’s explosive new report on this…

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