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Ep. 988 Sacrifice

In this episode I address the desperate attempts by the media to get in the way of Trump’s declassification order. I also address the explosive…

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Ep. 987 It’s Go Time!

In this episode I address Trump’s order to declassify key Spygate documents. I also address the outrageous failure of the clueless media to cover the…

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Ep. 986 These Two Are Going To Eat Each Other Alive

In this episode I address the growing battle between Comey and Brennan and the real reason behind it. I also address Kamala Harris getting caught in…

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Ep. 985 The Real Reason for the Latest Attack on Trump Emerges

In this episode I address the outrageous comments by an alleged Republican member of Congress, and his possible motivations for doing so. I also…

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Ep. 984 One of them is lying

In this episode I address the deeply troubling connection many of us may have missed. I also address the latest revelations that expose either Jim…

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Ep. 983 It’s Time To Clean House in the GOP

In this episode I address the outrageous comments by a Republican congressman about Trump and impeachment. I also address astonishing connections…

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Ep. 982 Outed! Here’s the Real Russia Scandal

In this episode I expose the Spygate scandal as you’ve never heard before. I discuss never-heard-before information that will blow the case wide…

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Ep. 981 Is This What They’re Hiding?

In this episode I address classified information, deemed so sensitive, that even the people looking into the Spygate scandal haven’t seen it. I…

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Ep. 980 They’re Turning on Each Other

In this episode I address the explosive appearance by Devin Nunes last night on Fox News. I also address the swamp rats beginning to turn on each…

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Ep. 979 They Can’t Keep Track of Their Own Lies

In this episode I address the revealing comments last night by former congressman Trey Gowdy on Hannity. I also address the appointment of John…

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Ep. 978 It’s Over

In this episode I address astonishing new information which will forever bury the credibility of the Russia-gate conspirators. I also discuss new…

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Ep. 977 The Rats Are Scurrying

In this episode I address the liberal media’s latest panic attack over devastating new information about this prominent Democrat. I also discuss…

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Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump is now available! It’s a damning account of the biggest political scandal in American history.

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