Politico Reporter Gets Shut Down By McEnany After Asking Ridiculously Stupid Question

Politico Reporter Gets Shut Down By McEnany After Asking Ridiculously Stupid Question

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has really done a great job in her new role. Best of all, she has shown herself to be great at schooling “journalists” for asking dumb “gotcha” questions.

The latest case is of Politico reporter Ryan Lizza, who asked for the “number of ‘dead Americans’ voters ‘should tolerate’ when they ‘go to the polls in November,’ regarding the Wuhan virus from China. It’s a question a reporter would only ask for a soundbite – which backfired for him.

As reported by TheBlaze, this is how the exchange went, and it wasn’t good for Lizza:

“What does the White House view, as having by election day, what does the White House view as the number of dead Americans where you can say that you successfully defeated this pandemic?” asked Lizza. “Is there a number?”

“Yeah, you know, every loss of life counts,” responded McEnany.

“We say 100,000, but like the president says, one death is something to be mourned. These 100,000 individuals have a face, the president takes this very seriously, it’s why he lowered the flag to half-staff for three days to remember these men and women,” she continued.

“I think, you know, Dr. Birx said it best when she said that in their estimates they had anywhere between 1.5 and 2.2 million people in the U.S. succumbing to the virus if we didn’t shut down the economy. The president made the very hard choice of shutting down the economy, so we avoided that extraordinary number,” McEnany explained.

“One death is too many; we never want to see a single individual lose their life,” she concluded, “but that being said, to be under significantly that high mark shows that the president did everything in his power and help to make this number as low as humanly possible.”

Lizza then asked the question again, to which McEnany replied, “I think you’re asking the wrong question,” McEnany replied. “The right question is …” After Lizza objected to McEnany’s reframe of the question, McEnany truly took Lizza to the woodshed:

“I answered your question once, but if you ask it twice it doesn’t make it any better of a question,” McEnany responded. “So I’ll respond in kind, I’ve given you one answer, I’ll continue to extrapolate upon that.”

McEnany went on to repeat her answer to Lizza.

“This president made the right choice, it was a delicate balance, and he did it exactly as he should, guided by data, and we are far below 2.2 million dead Americans because of the actions of President Trump,” she concluded.

Give it a watch below:

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