Poll: 15% of Bernie Supporters Will Vote for Trump

Poll: 15% of Bernie Supporters Will Vote for Trump

They may be socialists, but they aren’t any fan of the establishment either.

The rise of Bernie Sanders during this election cycle is in large part owed to the massive field of candidates he faced. While four in ten Democrats have a favorable view of socialism (or admit to having a favorable view, at least), that 40% of the party only had one candidate to rally behind that bore the socialist label. Meanwhile, the remaining 60% of Democrat voters had their votes split between the rest of the field (hence why when Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klubuchar dropped out before Super Tuesday it effectively merged their polling numbers with Joe Biden’s).

When the Democrat field was still packed, the supporters of all the candidates indicated that they’d throw their support behind whoever the eventual nominee was, even if it wasn’t their preferred candidate. Sanders supporters were a notable exception, with only 53% saying they’d support the eventual nominee. They’re obviously no fans of Trump either, implying that most will simply stay home come election day. But a small segment of those voters do plan on voting for Trump, perhaps out of spite.

According to PJ Media’s Michael Van Der Galien:

A new ABC News/Washington Post opinion poll has some very bad news for former Vice President Joe Biden. If he secures the Democratic presidential nomination — which he will, of course — a full 15 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters plan to cast their vote for President Donald Trump’s reelection. That’s extremely troubling for Biden, because in 2016, only 12% of Bernie’s supporters broke for Trump after their guy’s historic intraparty fight with Hillary Clinton.

But, USA Today reports, there’s some good news in there. You see, the 15% of Bernie-istas who plan to vote for Trump in that scenario represent “just 6% of Democrats and voters who lean Democratic.” Meanwhile, “Trump won 8% of Democrats in 2016.”

And as we reported yesterday, Biden is suffering a massive enthusiasm deficit against Trump. Among Trump supporters, 55% say they are very enthusiastic about backing him, while only 28% of Biden supporters say they are very enthusiastic about him. That amounts to a 27 point enthusiasm advantage for Trump. For reference, Hillary Clinton suffered “only” a 13-point enthusiasm deficit heading into the election.

Trump has also been having success in winning over Democrats – at least when measured by who is attending his rallies. To give just a sampling:

In other words, Trump is the populist that Bernie wishes he was.

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