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Poll: 64% Worry About Cop Shortage and Public Safety

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Contrary to what you’d be led to believe by the mainstream media’s reporting, the last thing the American public wants right now is fewer police officers, and that’s especially true among African-Americans.

According to the latest from Rasmussen Reports:

  • Most Americans value the role of the police and worry that increasing criticism of cops will make their communities less safe. Black Americans are the most concerned.
  • Sixty-three percent (63%) of American Adults still regard being a police officer as one of the most important jobs in our country today, down only slightly from 68% three years ago. Twenty-six percent (26%) disagree, up from 19% in the earlier survey.
  • Eleven percent (11%) are not sure. Sixty-four percent (64%) of all Americans are concerned that the growing criticism of America’s police will lead to a shortage of police officers and reduce public safety in the community where they live. That includes 39% who are Very Concerned. But 33% don’t share that concern, with 14% who are Not At All Concerned about the risk to public safety.
  • Blacks (67%) are the most concerned about public safety where they live, compared to 63% of whites and 65% of other minority Americans.

This is in line with prior polling which found the American public overwhelmingly opposed to the “defund the police” movement.

[Only] 27% of American Adults favor reducing the police budget in the community where they live. Despite the growing political movement to defund police departments and channel that money into more social services, 59% are opposed to cutting their local police budget, while 14% are undecided.

Republicans (16%) are more reluctant than Democrats (29%) and those not affiliated with either major party (32%) to cut local police funding.

So crazy is that idea that even most Democrats are against it.

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