POLL: Biden Losing Most Loyal Supporters

POLL: Biden Losing Most Loyal Supporters

Despite Democrats standing behind Joe and Hunter Biden and maintaining that Trump is the sole perpetrator in the Ukraine fiasco, sleepy Joe may still be losing voters. According to Insider polling, and reported by Business Insider, “The number of self-identified Democratic primary voters who’d be satisfied with a Biden presidency has been on a steady decline, dropping from a high of 71% last February to 56% in October.”

The number of Democrats “who’d be unsatisfied if Biden were to win” has approximately doubled from 14% in January to 27% in October. In addition, Biden supporters have steadily moved on to a Warren presidency, up from 42% in December to 57% in October, making Warren “by far the candidate favored by the highest percentage of Biden supporters.”

Ultimately the data shows that “Biden supporters are much more likely now than they were earlier this year to support other candidates.”

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