Poll Finds Majority of Democrats Want Party to be LESS Liberal

Poll Finds Majority of Democrats Want Party to be LESS Liberal

A Gallup poll released last week finds that a majority of Democrats want their party to be less liberal.

Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents were asked, “If you had to choose, would you rather see the Democratic Party become more liberal or become more moderate?” Fifty-four percent responded they preferred a more moderate party. Only 41 percent of respondents wanted a more liberal party and 5% had no opinion.

Republicans, however, want their party to be more conservative.

CNSNews points out:

When Gallup asked Republicans and Republican-leaning independents whether they would rather see their party become more conservative or more moderate, 57% said they would prefer a more conservative Republican party and only 37% wanted a more moderate party — 6% had no opinion.

The poll was conducted Nov. 13-18, less than two weeks after the 2018 midterm elections, in which Democrats gained a majority in the House of Representatives and Republicans retained control of the Senate.

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