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Poll Finds Majority of GOP Voters Disapprove of Benedict Romney, Many Want him Expelled from Party

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Unsurprisingly, after his pathetic, attention-grabbing stunt to vote to impeach President Trump, a majority of Republican voters disapprove of Sen. Mitt Romney’s job performance, and many wish to see him expelled from the GOP.

The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard points out that a new Rasmussen Reports survey has found that 64 percent of Republicans do not approve of the senator and 39 percent wish to see him expelled from the party. Only 43 percent disagree, and do not want to see him pushed out of the GOP.

“Mitt Romney was the only Republican senator who voted guilty last week on one of the impeachment counts brought against President Trump by House Democrats. Many Republicans were furious at Romney, and a sizable number of GOP voters are ready to throw him out of the party,” writes Rasmussen.

The report also found that 63 percent of Republican voters want the party to be “more like Trump” while 30 percent wish to see it evolve to be more like Romney.

Of course, Democrats are happy with Romney’s job performance–with 60 percent supporting the Senator, up from 47 percent last fall.

Last week, Romney became the only Republican to vote to impeach President Trump arguing that the commander-in-chief’s actions rose to the level of a “high crime and misdemeanor.”

In an interview about his vote, Romney invoked his faith, telling, “Well, I took my responsibility exactly as the Constitution defines it and as the oath I took requires it. Which is that I was sworn before God to apply impartial justice as a Senate juror.”

“I agonized over the responsibility that ultimately would come my way,” Romney said. “I hoped beyond hope that I would not have to find him guilty of what had been alleged.”

After his vote, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter and called for Romney’s expulsion from the Republican Party. “Mitt Romney is forever bitter that he will never be POTUS. He was too weak to beat the Democrats then so he’s joining them now,” he wrote. “He’s now officially a member of the resistance & should be expelled from the @GOP.”

Last week, reported that a survey found that President Trump was more popular than Sen. Romney in the state of Utah.

The survey found that for the first time since his election, a majority of Utah voters approve of the president’s job performance–with 52% of likely voters approving of President Trump, while 45% disapprove.

A poll from conducted in October found that Romney’s approval rating in Utah was underwater–with 46 percent “strongly” or “somewhat” approving and 51 percent “strongly or somewhat” disapproving.

A Morning Consult poll in January found Republican support for Romney in Utah slipped after the senator announced he wished to hear from witnesses in the president’s impeachment trial.

“The poll shows the senator’s approval rating falling among Utah Republicans from September through December 2019, and independents also shifted to disapproving of Romney over the quarter,” writes the Washington Examiner’s Kerry Picket. “In the prior quarter, 65% of Utah Republicans supported Romney, and while a majority still do presently, that number sank to 57%.”

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