Poll Proves Media Created Massive Partisan Divide on Hydroxychloroquine

Poll Proves Media Created Massive Partisan Divide on Hydroxychloroquine

Who knew that a potential medical treatment could become politicized? In the era of Donald Trump, nothing is beyond the media’s scope, it seems. After Trump expressed optimism in the drug Hydroxycloroquine as a coronavirus treatment, the media quickly mobilized to discredit it (on the sole basis of the person having recommended it being Trump).

So desperate was the media to turn the public against the potential treatment that they pushed a story of a man who died eating fish cleaner (which has chloroquine-phosphate in it), and his wife who became ill from ingesting it, attempting to equate this with the actual drug. It later turned out that the woman who claimed she and her husband took it on advice from Trump gave heavily to Democrats and is no fan of Trump – so perhaps we’ll learn that there’s even more to that story in the future.

Politicians were just as bad, with some in power handing out knee-jerk bans of the drug, only to quickly reverse course. Nevada governor Steve Sisolak banned the drug – then the state’s Department of Corrections was caught hoarding it for prisoners. Michigan’s governor also banned the drug and threatened the licenses of those who prescribe it – only to quickly reverse that decision and begin asking the federal government for more of it.

Not long-after one of Michigan’s Democrat state lawmakers credited the drug for her recovery from the coronavirus, and thanked President Trump for saving her life. Most aren’t as open minded as her however.

Unfortunately, the politicization of what could end up becoming confirmed as a viable treatment or cure for the coronavirus could prevent millions from ever considering it.

According to Rasmussen Reports, of Americans who say they or a family member have contracted the virus:

Among these Americans, 38% say they would take the drug Hydroxychloroquine if they were diagnosed with the coronavirus. Forty-one percent (41%) would not, but 21% are not sure.

Among all Americans, 31% would take the anti-malarial drug that many experts say counters the coronavirus but came under political attack after President Trump endorsed it. Thirty-five percent (35%) would not take Hydroxycholoroquine. Just as many (34%) are undecided.

Politics rules these days even when it comes to personal health. While 53% of Republicans say they would take Hydroxychloroquine if diagnosed with COVID-19, just 18% of Democrats and 28% of those not affiliated with either major party agree.

While there is anecdotal evidence of Hydroxyclorquine’s effectiveness, medical research isn’t done based on anecdotes. There is still an enormous amount of research to be done on what does seem to be a promising treatment so far – but liberals don’t seem to want to know if it’ll work one way or another.

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