Poll Reveals Americans Have Little Faith Biden Can Turn Around Crime Surge

Poll Reveals Americans Have Little Faith Biden Can Turn Around Crime Surge
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A new poll shows that half of registered voters have little faith in President Joe Biden’s ability to reduce crime.

From Breitbart:

“50 percent said they are not confident in Biden’s ability to address homicides, including 20 percent who are somewhat not confident and 30 percent who are not at all confident,” the poll suggests.

Another 30 percent of Americans also sometimes feel unsafe in public as crime rages in American cities, according to an AP-NORC poll released May 26.

Shootings and homicides have skyrocketed in many of America’s largest cities over the last year, with 2021 so far showing no signs of being better than 2020. While many have blamed soft enforcement against rioters and an effort to defund the police for the surge, Biden has pinned the blame on the pandemic and launched a renewed effort for gun control.

But polls continue to show Biden’s positions on crime are not popular with the electorate:

For instance, Biden spoke about the pandemic in his July 4 speech and will do so again Tuesday, ignoring recent numbers from the Washington Post, which suggest only 38 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of crime, while 48 percent disapprove.

The Post also revealed Saturday only “33 percent of Americans say they approve of how he is handling” illegal immigration on the southern border. Among Democrats, only 63 percent approve of his handling of immigration.

Biden’s drooping poll numbers in categories that impact American workers’ communities perhaps reflect the Democrat Party’s rhetoric on the defunding police across the nation.

Meanwhile, other members of the party, such as AOC, are dismissing concerns about violent crime as “hysteria.”

Americans have now become increasingly worried about rising crime, Washington Post- ABC News poll finding that 59% of respondents now feel that crime is an “extremely” or “very serious” problem in the country, a four-year high for the poll.

The more recent Hill-HarrisX poll surveyed 941 registered voters and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.19 percentage points.

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