Poll: Support for Border Wall at Record High

Poll: Support for Border Wall at Record High

Public support for the border wall has reached a record high.

CNSNews reports that a new Quinnipiac poll of 1,147 voters shows that 43 percent now support a border wall, while 54 percent oppose it.

This represents a five point jump from August, when support for the wall was at 38 percent.

CNSNews writes:

By party affiliation, Republicans overwhelmingly support building the wall, Democrats overwhelmingly oppose it, and Independents are divided:

  • Republican Support: 86%
  • Democrat Opposition: 90%
  • Independents: 47% Support, 51% Oppose

Dan discusses the poll in his podcast today where he ties the results directly to President Trump’s border security messaging.

“This is [due to] President Trump hammering over and over the importance of this immigration issue, mitigating chaos at the border, enhancing our border security , and making sure people know this is an issue, it’s a prominent issue and it matters to them. The Quinnipiac poll is black and white,” he said.

**LISTEN: Dan discusses the border wall fight and Trump’s refusal to cave to the Democrats**


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