MAGA: Trump LEADS 2020 Race, Voters Say All Top Dems Would “Probably Lose”

MAGA: Trump LEADS 2020 Race, Voters Say All Top Dems Would “Probably Lose”

A new poll has found that President Trump is in the lead in the 2020 White House race and voters feel that all Democratic candidates will “probably lose” the election.

The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard reports that the latest Economist/YouGov poll has found that Trump leads the generic “Democrat” by 52% to 48%–“a significant margin for a president who just beat back impeachment conviction to stay in office,” he writes.

Th poll also found that voters believe Trump will beat all Democratic contenders:

  • 49 percent believe Joe Biden would lose to President Trump while only 29 percent believe he could win.
  • 47 percent believe Mike Bloomberg would lose to President Trump while only 27 percent feel he could defeat the incumbent commander-in-chief.
  • 52 percent believe Pete Buttigieg will lose to the president while a mere 22 percent believe he can win.
  • 48 percent feel that Bernie Sanders will lose, while 29 percent believe he can beat President Trump.
  • 54 percent say Elizabeth Warren will lose to Trump and 23 percent say she will win.

Bedard also points out that the poll found President Trump has united the Republican Party:

Utah Senator Mitt Romney’s vote to convict the president on one impeachment count does not sit well with Republicans. In this poll, only 21% of Republicans have a favorable rating of Romney; 70% are unfavorable (Democrats, on the other hand, view him favorably, 62% to 25%.) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ripping up of the text of the president’s speech after the State of the Union gets criticism: Americans disapprove 48% to 38%. Those who disapprove include 21% of Democrats and 51% of independents.

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