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Pompeo Announces U.S. Pulling Out of Paris Climate Deal

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Monday that the United States has begun its pullout of the Paris climate agreement established in 2015. Although it will take a year to become official, Pompeo has submitted formal notice to the United Nations to begin the withdrawal process.

The Associated Press reported that Pompeo and the U.S. “Started the process with a hand-delivered letter, becoming the only country to withdraw.” In the rules of the 2015 agreement, no country was allowed to remove itself from the agreement for the first three years “after the Nov. 4, 2016, ratification.” Therefore, “The U.S. withdrawal doesn’t become complete until the day after the 2020 election.”

Trump has been alluding to the United States leaving the Paris agreement for years, pointing to the fact that majority of the burden falls on the United States and its taxpayers. Michael Gerrard, the head of Columbia Law School’s climate change legal center has a less than impressive reason that the United States should not leave the agreement. “The Trump administration’s Abandonment of action on climate change gives other countries an excuse not to act either.”

What a ridiculous excuse. Gerrard continued, “They ask-if the richest country, the one that has contributed the most to the load of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, isn’t willing to act, why should we?” Seems like Trump’s point that the burden lies unfairly on the United States was just confirmed. Don’t fret environmentalists, the world’s biggest environmental hypocrite, Al Gore has words of encouragement. Gore said, “No one person or party can stop our momentum to solve the climate crisis. But those who try will be remembered for their complacency, complicity, and mendacity in attempting to sacrifice the planet for their greed.” Thanks, Al.

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