President Trump Adds Sanctions, Updates Counterterrorism Executive Order in Honor of 9/11 Anniversary

Today as our nation mourns the events of September 11th eighteen years ago, we still fight to honor those that perished and take any actions to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again on our soil. Yesterday Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that Washington is implementing sanctions on a “wide range of terrorists and their supporters” such as the Palestinian group Hamas and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

According to the Algemeiner, the targets “include 15 leaders, individuals and entities affiliated with groups such as Hamas, al Qaeda, Islamic State and Iran’s IRGC, the US Treasury Department said in a statement.” The sanctions come from Trump’s updating of an Executive order:

Since the horrific attacks of 9/11, the US government has refocused its counterterrorism efforts to constantly adapt to emerging threats…President Trump’s modernized counterterrorism Executive Order enhances the authorities we use to target the finances of terror groups and their leaders to ensure they are as robust as possible.

The Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon tweeted showing his gratitude for the new sanctions: “[email protected] and @stevenmnuchin1 just announced new sanctions targeting Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps. This is a great step to increase pressure against terrorist organizations. Time for the international community to do the same.”

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