President Trump and Biden Participate in Dueling Townhalls – Here’s What You Missed

President Trump and Biden Participate in Dueling Townhalls – Here’s What You Missed

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden participated in dueling townhall events last night, Trump’s hosted by NBC, and Biden’s by ABC.

As you’d expect, the media bias was evident, with NBC’s moderator Savanah Guthrie acting as if she were there to debate Trump. She consistently pressed him on questions he already answered, and interjected with her own commentary while Trump was answering questions from the audience members.

Meanwhile, Biden was lobbed softball questions from all directions. Despite the bombshell allegations about him and his son Hunter Biden published by the New York Post, and the social media blackout that followed, Biden enjoyed a grand total of zero questions on the topic.

Even the guests invited to ask Biden and Trump questions were selected to create the impression that the average person is more hostile to Trump and friendly towards Biden than in reality. As the National Pulse’s Natalie Winters documented, 73% of the questions that Biden received were from Democrats, while only 20% of the questions Trump received were from Republicans.

For those who didn’t tune in, here’s what you missed.

Savannah Guthrie Attempted a Gotcha Question by Asking Trump to Condemn White Supremacy for the Ten Millionth Time – Which He Does – And It Somehow Still Isn’t Enough 

Trump Roasted Pelosi for Playing Politics With Stimulus

A Black Audience Member Nodded Along All Night to Everything Trump Said – Drawing Outrage From Liberals Upset She Didn’t Think The Way They Want Her To

Savannah Guthrie Tried to Explain Countless Cases Where Tens of Thousands of Ballots Have Been Delivered Incorrectly As Isolated Incidents

Biden Seems to Imply He’s OK With Eight Year Olds Changing Their Gender

Biden Said He Doesn’t Favor a National Mask Mandate…. but He Favors a National Mask Mandate

Biden Said He Doesn’t Think Packing the Courts Is a Good Idea, Except for a Number of Circumstances Where It Is a Good Idea

Biden Said Cops Should Shoot Dangerous Criminals in the Leg (Good Luck With That!)

And a Bonus Clip: A Questioner Who Claimed to Be Leaning Biden Told Trump He Had a Great Smile – To Applause

And I think he won over her vote, too.

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