President Trump Roasts Journalists: 80% of You Should Leave

President Trump Roasts Journalists: 80% of You Should Leave

President Donald Trump’s justified frustration with a media intent on politicizing the Coronavirus pandemic was evident at his daily briefing with members of his Coronavirus task force today.

In response to a question from a “journalist” who asked if President Trump had any guidance for Congress after two members tested positive for the virus, President Trump responded by roasting the press.

“You are actually sitting too close. We should get rid of about another 75% or 80% of you. Just two or three that I like in this room. That is a good way to do it. But you are actually much too close. You should leave immediately.”

Watch below:

Bretibart’s John Notle put together an extensive list of the media’s most egregious lies during the outbreak. Among them included the media (falsely) claiming that President told Governors to get their own ventilators, that he sought a monopoly on the Coronavirus vaccine, that he was on the verge of implementing a national curfew, that he lied Google was creating a website to assist with testing, that he shut down the CDC’s pandemic department, that he called the virus a Hoax, that he rejected WHO test kits, and that he silenced Dr. Fauci, among others.

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