President Trump Says That Cancelling College Football This Fall is a “Tragic Mistake”

President Trump Says That Cancelling College Football This Fall is a “Tragic Mistake”

On Tuesday morning, President Trump told Fox Sports’ “Outkick the Coverage” host Clay Travis that college football is “making a tragic mistake” by not playing this fall because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The [virus] attacks old people very viciously. These football players are very young, strong people, physically. I mean, they’re physically in extraordinary shape. So, they’re not going to have a problem (with the virus). You’re not going to see people – could there be, could it happen? But I doubt it. You’re not going to see people dying. And many people get it and they have… like kids they get it they have the sniffles. Young kids, almost none have a serious problem with it.

“I mean literally, you look, I think they said the state of California almost nobody that’s young had a – like zero had a serious problem with this disease. They get better very quickly, if they get it at all. So, I think football is making a tragic mistake.”

On Monday, Trump tweeted:


Unfortunately, however, the Big Ten announced the season’s postponement later that day.

It’s now very likely that the Big Ten’s decision will create a “domino effect” among Power Five schools to possibly do the same. According to USA Today, the Mountain West announced on Monday that it would be postponing its 2020 season while the Mid-American Conference did the same last week.

Like President Trump, much of America misses sports. College football is a national pastime and we need a return to normalcy after almost half a year of chaos from the coronavirus. Bringing back college football would go a long way in helping this, but we’re sadly being cheated of it.




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