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President Trump Secured GOP Nomination as Quickly as Logistically Possible

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While he ran virtually unopposed, President Donald Trump saw record voter turnout in the GOP primaries, in some cases earning more votes than all the Democrats did combined in their respective states.

In New Hampshire, President Trump earned twice as many votes in their primary than Obama did in 2012 (when he was an incumbent). In fact, he earned more votes than Obama in 2012 and George W. Bush in 2004 combined. The story was the same everywhere else. President Trump got 600k votes in Michigan to Obama’s 175k, and the list goes on.

While there wasn’t any doubt that President Trump would secure the GOP nomination, he did so in the shortest amount of time logistically possible.

As reported by CNS News’ Craig Bannister:

Trump’s primary wins in Florida and Illinois put him over the top: “Trump, who had only token opposition, now has more than the 1,276 delegates needed after winning Tuesday’s Florida and Illinois primaries, according to The Associated Press’ delegate count.”

“This is the earliest the delegate calendar permits a Republican to clinch the nomination,” according to the AP.

In 2016, Trump didn’t secure the Republican Party’s presidential nomination until late May.

And that’s the turnout Trump gets when there’s almost no point in turning out to vote for him.


Photos by Getty Images

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