President Trump to Release New List of Conservative SCOTUS Nominees

President Trump to Release New List of Conservative SCOTUS Nominees

Following the disappointing ruling on DACA today and the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear cases that gun groups say violate the second amendment this week, President Trump says he’ll be releasing a new list of conservative Court nominees.

This came immediately after he fired back at the SCOTUS over a handful of decisions:

President Trump has had enormous success in reshaping the nation’s courts, and it’s an aspect of his legacy it will take the left decades to reverse. One in five federal judges currently serving has been appointed by Trump. In the circuit courts specifically, one in four judges have been appointed by Trump. When Trump took office, nine of the nation’s thirteen circuit courts were dominated by Democrat appointees. That’s since shifted to a Republican majority on seven of them (which, at this pace, will presumably increase).

As I noted elsewhere, Trump’s mounting victories in the courts come despite unprecedented opposition from Democrats. In district courts, where appointments are permanent, nearly half of Trump’s appointees have been appointed with greater than 25% opposition, reflecting hyper-partisanship in the Trump era. Only 8% of Obama’s nominees faced such opposition, and only 4% of Bush’s. Seventy-five percent of Trump’s appointees for the U.S. Court of Appeals were confirmed with greater than 25% opposition, while only 9% of Obama’s judges were. Historically, from 1979-1980, 97% of appointees to both aforementioned courts, and even the Supreme Court, had no opposition.

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