President Trump Will Tune Out the NFL or US Soccer Over Anthem Protests

President Trump Will Tune Out the NFL or US Soccer Over Anthem Protests

Yesterday, President Trump declared he will not be watching the NFL or US Soccer, due to their stances on kneeling during the national anthem.

Recently, U.S. Soccer, which oversees both the men’s and women’s teams competing in the Olympics, the World Cup and other tournaments, repealed its policy requiring players to stand for the anthem, which is played prior to games. As well, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, recently stated that the league’s original response to the anthem protests was “wrong” and that “black lives matter.”

These decisions proceeded the tragic George Floyd killing, which has resulted in mass rioting and looting across the nation.

While Trump decried the murder of Floyd and the DOJ is investigating, he, like we all should, does not believe the country is systemically racist. As such, kneeling for the anthem disrespectful to all Americans.

“I won’t be watching much anymore!” the president wrote, retweeting a news story about Congressman Matt Gaetz calling out U.S. Soccer on its decision.

Hopefully these organizations feel at least as much pressure from the pro-American side and reverse their misguided decisions.

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