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President Trump’s Florida Rally: 16% of Attendees Were Democrats, 24% Didn’t Vote in 2016

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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President Donald Trump roared back to the campaign trail for an energetic rally in Florida last night. It was his first rally since his short battle with the coronavirus, and if the attendee data from that rally is any indicator, Trump is set to defeat Joe Biden as swiftly as he did the coronavirus.

Ronna McDaniel posted attendee data to Twitter last night showing that President Trump has continued to bring in a broad coalition of voters – and first time voters. The following data is sourced from those who signed up to attend the rally:

These sort of statistics have been kept for a number of rallies held earlier in the year. Here’s the data for a sampling of rallies that occurred in January and February:

And in 2019 the data was the following for a handful of rallies:

  • Battle Creek, Michigan: 15% didn’t vote in last four elections, 27% were Democrats.
  • Broward, Florida: 19% voted once or not at all in past four elections, 24% were Democrats.
  • Dallas, Texas: 12% didn’t vote in past four elections, 21.4% were Democrats.

Can you imagine a single Republican attending a Biden rally? Aside from the confederacy of dunces over at the Lincoln Project, it’s hard to imagine.

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