Press Secretary McEnany Schools New York Times Reporter

Press Secretary McEnany Schools New York Times Reporter

New York Times White House correspondent and noted collusion hoaxer Maggie Haberman, for some reason, decided to pull another hoax, this time taking a quote from new White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany out of context.

According to TheBlaze, Haberman tweeted that “[Kayleigh McEnany] calls for reporters to celebrate instead of just cover in gaggle: ‘The President’s healthy. The Vice President’s healthy and I think that’s something all reporters should be celebrating and the American people as well.'”

McEnany replied back and corrected Haberman, calling Haberman’s tweet “misleading,” and providing the context of the quote, which included the same question being asked twice, even though Haberman only highlighted the second answer.

Haberman’s move was obvious—make it sound like McEnany wants everyone to celebrate the fact that Trump is President, even though he’s yucky and orange and bad tweets and fill-in-the-blank-a-phobe-ist etc. But Haberman should have known not to mess with McEnany, as she already has a reputation of making the press look like idiots, even though she’s only been on the job a short time.

Keep owning the libs, Kayleigh. It should be a lesson for all of us.

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