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Price Tag of Biden Campaign Promises Nears $10 Trillion

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A Wall Street Journal analysis of Bernie Sanders’ Santa Claus economics when he was running in the 2016 election found that they would require an astronomical $18 trillion in new spending (and other analysis found it in the $30+ trillion range, depending on how health care spending is counted).

Only in comparison to the cost of the Sanders pipe dream can the nearly $10 trillion in new spending proposed by Joe Biden seem small.

According to Fox News:

Joe Biden, through his presidential campaign, is proposing over $8 trillion in new spending on a variety of programs – an ever-increasing tally that rises to around $10 trillion based on some estimates.

That includes:

  • $2 trillion for climate
  • $1.3 trillion for infrastructure
  • $750 billion for health care
  • $750 billion for higher education
  • $700 billion for Biden’s “Buy American” plan
  • $640 billion for housing
  • $125 billion for Biden’s opioid plan
  • $30 billion for criminal justice reform
  • $750 billion for preschool and K-12 education, according to the CRFB (excluding $100 billion for investments in public school buildings that are already included in the infrastructure plan)
  • Between $270 billion and $380 billion for paid family leave, according to CRFB estimates on a similar proposal from Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.
  • $775 billion for universal preschool, expanded child care and in-home elder care

Thanks to the pandemic, the national debt now stands at $26.5 trillion, with interest on the debt alone now comprising a larger share of GDP than its height during WWII.

America couldn’t afford Biden’s proposals before the pandemic, and it certainly can’t now.

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