Pro-Police Rally Held at Baltimore War Memorial

Pro-Police Rally Held at Baltimore War Memorial

On Saturday, a crowd supporting local police gathered for a rally at the Baltimore War Memorial.

Organized by Brandon Straka’s group #WalkAway, the pro-police event was held as a bulwark against the nationwide riots built on calls to defund the police.

Many at the event were seen carrying American flags and wearing patriotic clothes, according to Fox News. There were speakers and entertainers at the event as well, including Republican candidate for Mayor Shannon Wright and singer Joy Villa.


On #WalkAway’s website, Straka says that “[T]he Left has become so extreme and relentless that it is now time for us to fight back!”

The event was held just a few weeks after the state’s Republican governor, Larry Hogan, expressed his disgust at Baltimore City Councilman Ryan Dorsey’s suggestion that the city’s memorial to fallen officers be removed.

Thank you all for standing up for our men in blue. We need a lot more of this.

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