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Progressive NYC Councilwoman Wants To Know Why Men Don’t Defend Women Against Street Violence - Here’s The Answer

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 03/29/2024
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Members of the New York City (NYC) Women’s Caucus issued a statement on X Wednesday expressing deep concern over increased violence against women in the city after several females reported that they were randomly sucker punched in public. 

“We are deeply disturbed & concerned about widespread reports of attacks against women in NYC that have been confirmed by the NYPD,” the NYC Women’s Caucus wrote on X. “We're calling on the NYPD for an immediate and comprehensive investigation into these incidents with transparent updates to the public.”

The Majority leader of the New York City Council’s Women’s Caucus, Amanda Farías, added on X, “Where are the men calling this out?” 

Good question, Amanda. Why aren’t men calling this out, and, better yet, why aren’t more New York men physically defending the women who fall victim to these attacks? 

Probably because New York City punishes hero bystanders who jump in to defend those weaker than them. Last year, 24-year-old Marine veteran Daniel Penny heroically risked his life to protect New York subway riders from a violent schizophrenic named Jordan Neely. The deranged homeless man died following the incident, and New York City prosecutors rewarded Penny for his bravery by charging him with second-degree manslaughter. Naturally, Farías herself was one of Neely's defeners. 

Penny is one of countless New York City residents who have been punished by authorities for defending themselves and others against increasing lawlessness in the city. It's no wonder New York men aren’t interested in defending New York women! It could land them in prison. 

Not only are progressive New York authorities responsible for deterring the male citizenry from jumping in and defending victims of crime, but they are also responsible for the crime itself. 

“It is the height of hypocrisy,” Queen Councilman Bob Holden said of the women’s caucus’s statement, noting that many members of the women’s caucus are also members of the progressive caucus which supports defunding the police.

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