Psaki Praises Fleeing Texas Democrat Superspreaders

Psaki Praises Fleeing Texas Democrat Superspreaders
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Texas Democrats crammed together in a plane and fled the state in an attempt to derail common sense voting reforms, and so far six have tested positive to COVID, as has a Pelosi aide that came in contact with them.

The media has largely ignored the story, while we all know they’d be denouncing a “superspreader event” had the Texans in question been Republicans. While the media has been happy to ignore the story, so has press secretary Jen Psaki, who responded to a question about them by completely sidestepping it, and wishing the Texas Dems the best of luck in their fight against fictitious voter suppression.

Impressively, Psaki now seems able to completely sidestep or ignore questions without having to say she’ll “circle back.”

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