Rallygoers Line Up 35 Hours Before President Trump’s New Hampshire Rally

Rallygoers Line Up 35 Hours Before President Trump’s New Hampshire Rally

The Democrats competing to eventually take on (and lose against) President Donald Trump in November will face off in the New Hampshire caucus tomorrow, and thus far, it’s looking like it’s Bernie Sanders to win. Sanders previously placed second in the Iowa caucus against Pete Buttigieg, winning two fewer delegates, but more votes overall – though the circumstances of it all were suspect.

While they’re busy focusing on winning the primary – Trump is busy in New Hampshire trying to flip the state. Hillary Clinton defeated President Trump in New Hampshire by a razor thin margin of 46.8% to 46.5% in 2016, or by less than 3,000 votes. The Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson garnered 4.1% of the vote, and nearly 31,000 votes, more than the margin Trump lost by. Johnson is worth mentioning because he’s more likely to have taken votes away from Trump than Clinton (while a candidate like the Green Party’s Jill Stein takes more votes away from Democrats than Republicans).

Three thousand votes won’t be too hard for Trump to garner – and by the looks of it, he’s already on track to do so.

President Trump has a rally in New Hampshire tonight at 7pm, and as the Washington Examiner’s Katherine Doyle reports, people were already lining up for it a day-and-a-half beforehand.

Fans such as Libby DePiero were already lining up Sunday morning.

“It’s a bit of an addiction,” said DePiero, a member of the so-called “Front Row Joes,” a group of Trump loyalists who sometimes line up days in advance to claim early spots in line before appearances. First in line outside the Southern New Hampshire University Arena in Manchester for Monday night’s rally, DePiero, the 64-year-old retiree from Connecticut, told the New Hampshire Union Leader that this was her 59th Trump rally.

“I can’t wait for this one. He’s going to be all pumped up because the impeachment is all over with,” she said. “He’s already posted he’s going to keep doing rallies after he becomes president, and I know he’s gonna be our president again. This is nothing but good here. I became a citizen so I could vote for this president.” 

Trump’s last visit to the state was in August, where the record-breaking attendance at the SMHU arena surpassed the total at a 2001 concert for British singer Elton John.

One thing is for certain – no Democrat in New Hampshire has anywhere near as much enthusiasm behind them.

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