Rand Paul Calls for Gen. Milley to Be Court-Martialed “If It Happened”

Rand Paul Calls for Gen. Milley to Be Court-Martialed “If It Happened”
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Earlier this morning Senator Rand Paul appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the explosive allegation from Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s latest book that General Mark Milley undermined President Donald Trump and colluded with China’s top military leader, telling him that he’d warn him if Trump launched an attack.

Trump expressed doubts about the claims, but said Milley should be arrested for treason if they’re true.

Senator Paul said Milley “should be immediately ordered into a room for an interview” with a polygraph “which we do often for our intelligence officials.” He added “And he needs to be asked, ‘did you call the Chinese government in defiance to your command? Did you warn them or insinuate to them that the president might attack them?’ That’s incredibly dangerous to the country, to the world. And if true, treasonous.”

If the allegations are vindicated, Paul says Milley should be immediately relieved of his duties and court martialed.

“You have to find out if it’s true. This is innuendo and rumor and propaganda, perhaps, but if it is true, absolutely [he] immediately needs to be removed.”

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