Rapper Lil Wayne Announces That He Had a “Great Meeting” With Donald Trump

Rapper Lil Wayne Announces That He Had a “Great Meeting” With Donald Trump

Lil Wayne is one of the biggest rappers alive and although this didn’t quite reach the level of an endorsement, he was clearly impressed by his meeting with Donald Trump. He said so on his 34.8 million follower Twitter account.

Recently rappers Lil Pump and 50 Cent, who changed his mind after being publicly chastised by Chelsea Handler of all people, endorsed Trump after seeing how much they’d pay under Biden’s tax plan. Like Lil Wayne, like Ice Cube, didn’t endorse Trump but did have kind words for him after a meeting. Both Lil Wayne and Ice Cube liked Trump’s Platinum Plan for black America.

It’s also worth noting that Lil Wayne has a different attitude towards racism and the police than a lot of other rappers because his life was saved by a white police officer when he was 12 years old. It’s actually a pretty amazing story.

Trump has actually made a strong play for black voters and there is evidence that it’s having a significant impact among YOUNGER black & Hispanic voters. Trump is still losing to Biden with those voters overall, but he’s eating into Biden’s margin significantly. Will it be enough to cause any states to swing Trump’s way? We will know that soon enough, but whatever happens, the Republicans need to follow up on the progress Trump has made. As a party, the GOP has been very complacent when it comes to black voters. All too often, the attitude has been, we’re not going to make any major inroads with black voters no matter what we do, so why bother trying? Donald Trump is proving that isn’t true and if enough Republicans are willing to follow his lead, it could shift the political landscape in America in the right direction.

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