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Recap of Interview with President Trump

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Today, Dan interviewed President Donald Trump and discussed a range of issues, from Joe Biden’s sexual harassment allegations to the Wuhan virus and the economy, and ended with discussing the revelations exonerating former national security advisor General Michael Flynn and fired-in-disgrace former FBI director James Comey’s role in attempting a coup against the presidency.

In the first moment of the interview, Trump called Dan a “warrior,” which is a trait we all need to fight the Left the way we need to, and for the conservative movement to be worth a thing.

They then speak of the media and how most of the show’s fans love how the president handles them. Trump responds that they’re “dishonest.” Later on, towards the end of the interview, Trump refers to them (rightly) as the “enemy of the people.” And the examples are numerous. The media talked about Flynn for years when they thought (or pretended) he was guilty but don’t say a word on his exoneration. Trump also laments that many citizens don’t know that they’re hearing fake news, but even so, the administration is doing a great job. Using the lack of ventilators as an example, Trump talks about how they constantly complained about a lack of ventilators (which conveniently were used up and never restocked during the Obama years) but now that the US has a surplus and is giving them to other countries, they don’t say anything about it.

Then, the conversation moves to the sexual harassment allegations made by former intern Tara Reade against presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden. Trump says he hopes Biden gets due process, and that he can understand Biden’s position since he has been falsely accused in the past, and that Biden should deny it if it isn’t true. But Reade and her mother, whose 1993 phone call into Larry King’s show talking about the incident was unearthed last week, seemed really credible, according to Trump.

The full interview can be viewed below:

However, the same people standing with Biden didn’t with now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was accused baselessly of sexual harassment. Trump calls it one of the worst hit jobs ever, and said that he looks forward to seeing the false accusers sued. In the end though, Biden should make his own decision on how to proceed, because false allegations can happen to anyone, and ironically the people who hate this most of all are women, because their husbands and sons could have this too.

“In a way I’m sticking up for him, but the mother was very compelling, certainly, and the girlfriend or the friends were very compelling, and certainly far more compelling than anything they had with respect to Brett Kavanaugh,” Trump says, and that a nomination that could’ve gone so fast was railroaded this way was a disgrace. “These people are psychos.”

The conversation then moves to the economy and the effect of the Wuhan virus. Dan asks the President if he plans to push the payroll tax cut, and if so, who is getting in the way of it? Trump responds that it’s the Democrats holding it up and that he wanted it the whole time. They want to save small businesses because the trouble they’re in is from no fault of their own, and uses bailing out the airlines as an example. But the Democrats want to bail out the states, especially the blue states that were doing terribly before the pandemic hit. Dan then asks Trump about his thoughts on state bailouts, and he responds that if they do bail out the states, the Democrats will have to “give us a lot.”

Dan then asks about the national debt, and how scary it is for the country. Trump agrees and says that we’re going to get out of it, and plans to fix it in his second term. The President explains that we’re borrowing long-term at zero percent interest. We’re replacing debt with zero percent debt, and we have a strong dollar. But we’ll still have social security. But the Democrats want to take away the Second Amendment, for example, and want to everything backwards. They want tax hikes, we don’t. And we’ll have tremendous growth. The third and fourth quarters will be great and next year will compare to other normal years, despite the Wuhan virus. The Left keeps demanding their garbage pet projects in exchange for votes on good things, but years 5-6 (of the Trump administration) will be incredible. “We’re gonna have a great next year. We will build it again,” Trump says.

Dan then asks what we will do about China and what intelligence says about it. Apparently, the virus leaked from a Wuhan lab, according to intelligence. Trump says that he’s seen a lot of things, some of which we haven’t. The President then talks about how China has been ripping us off for years and how he has been warning about it forever. They were taking from $300-500 billion for years out of our country. But the Obama administration and other past administrations have been ripped off for years. But Trump has taken in billions and billions a month, and before China’s “never given us 10 cents.” But Trump laid tariffs on China, and especially helped the country’s farmers.

They then moved on to the new revelations concerning Flynn, which we’ve reported on how he was set up by the FBI for a perjury trap. Dan asks what the FBI and DOJ can do to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.

Trump points out how quickly Dan figured out this entire scheme very quickly and did an incredible job. He then calls what happened to Flynn “persecution” and how, as referenced above, the media talked about his guilt constantly and now say nothing regarding his innocence. According to Trump, this was a plot to destroy the presidency because their candidate lost. Trump then says that Attorney General Barr is working hard and doing a great job, and that he’s a cool guy and “carries a big stick.” Trump wants to stay out of it personally though.

Trump also praises Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham and Inspector General Michael Horowitz for their work in uncovering the coup. And, as referenced above, the media is a disgrace. They lie to our citizens and they are the “enemy of the people.” Trump then calls Comey is a “very stupid man,” who got caught trying to overthrow the President of the United States and ought to pay a big price for that.

The interview ends with Trump telling Dan, “you’ve been a real friend and a real friend to the country.”


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