Rep. Crenshaw To Biden: Businesses Aren’t Boarding Up Windows Because They’re Afraid Of Maga Fans

Rep. Crenshaw To Biden: Businesses Aren’t Boarding Up Windows Because They’re Afraid Of Maga Fans

One of the weirder tics of the 2020 election season has been liberal Democrats allowing mobs of #Blacklivesmatter and ANTIFA punks to loot, riot, and otherwise destroy liberal cities at will. The police are held back and not allowed to do what it takes to stop them. The National Guard often isn’t brought in. In many cases, the liberal district attorneys have simply refused to file charges against rioters, which causes the police to pull back even further because what’s the point? Why bother risking your life to catch the bad guys if they’re going to be given a free pass? Bizarrely, most of this chaos seems to be blamed on Donald Trump even though these same cities refuse his help to deal with the situation.

In a typical election-year message for Joe Biden, he noted that he’ll end “Donald Trump’s chaos and end this crisis.” What crisis specifically? How? In particular, the rioters are Biden’s supporters. What has he done to discourage them other than note in the most bloodless and generic way possible that he doesn’t support political violence? Well, Dan Crenshaw fired back at Biden with the truth.

The amount of the violence, crime, and looting committed by Biden supporters in ANTIFA and BlackLivesMatter this year has been enormous, but it’s always someone else we have to look out for. It’s the Proud Boys. It’s the Boogaloo Bois. It’s “white supremacists.” It’s never the people smashing windows, putting their graffiti everywhere, and creating “autonomous zones” in the middle of liberal cities. There can literally be riots going on and buildings burning and the only worry liberals seem to have is that it may give some alleged Boogaloo Boi cover to sneak in and start trouble.

Of course, the out-of-control rioting, arson, and looting is in part, an election year scam by the Democrats. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it goes something like this.

Step 1: Democrats allow their own cities to be destroyed.

Step 2: They successfully blame Trump for it.

Step 3: Joe Biden gets into office and sends them your money to pay for all the damage they allowed to happen.

Just watch and see. If Democrats do take over in November, one of their first priorities will be funneling billions into liberal cities to pay for all the damage they ALLOWED to occur. It’s insane, but this kind of thing has been a successful strategy for Democrats. Their policies destroy an area, they blame Republicans and promise to give that area free stuff and next thing you know, they have a political lock on it. The worst places to live in America have been controlled by Democrats for decades. So, if they have to turn America into Detroit to keep power, they’re willing to do it.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can find him on Parler here & Twitter here.

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