Rep. McCarthy: Democrats Will Lose House

Rep. McCarthy: Democrats Will Lose House

During the most recent Democrat presidential debate, Mike Bloomberg accidentally said the quiet part out loud when he told the audience that he “bought” the Democrats their House majority.

While it has been useful for them in stonewalling President Trump – it’s their majority to lose.

Republicans are working on their strategy to retake the house in November, which will focus on zeroing in on districts carried by President Trump in 2016 that voted for Democrats in 2018. The National Republican Congressional Committee specifically is targeting 31 Democrats running in Trump districts, among others. The GOP lost 40 seats in 2018, and needs to win 18 back to regain control.

And Bernie Sanders as the nominee will further aid those efforts.

According to Fox News: House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy boldly predicted Friday that Democrats will lose the majority in the House of Representatives this cycle with Bernie Sanders at the top of their ticket, saying the party has “surrendered to the socialists.”

“The Democrats have surrendered to the socialists,” McCarthy told Fox News. “There is a reason why Bernie Sanders is going to become their nominee and that’s because this is no longer the Democratic Party — this is a socialist Democratic Party.”

“With AOC, [Rep. Rashida] Tlaib, [Ilan] Omar — they don’t call themselves Democrats,” he continued. “They call themselves socialist Democrats.”

The disdain for Bernie Sanders among many Democrat leaders isn’t about policy. As McCarthy puts it: “Democrats embrace Bernie Sanders’ policies – they’re just embarrassed by Bernie”

McCarthy was underscoring the narrative of the conservative conference itself, where numerous President Trump allies hammered the message that his administration and campaign are fighting for America against socialism, represented by Democratic figures like Sanders.

“This is where the party has gone. … That’s why they’re going to lose the majority,” the California Republican told Fox News. McCarthy touted the accomplishments of the Trump administration, saying that with “four more years” of President Trump “the next century would be ours.”

Even some Democrats have to agree. As was reported by Rollcall earlier this monthEven before Sanders won the New Hampshire primary, as expected, and came in a close second in the Iowa delegate tally to Pete Buttigieg, there were Democrats saying that nominating the senator from Vermont could threaten their House majority. They feared having the self-proclaimed democratic socialist at the top of the ticket could complicate efforts to win over the independents and moderate Republicans they need to win reelection. “If it becomes a race between socialism and capitalism, yes, absolutely,” the majority is in danger, Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips said

The betting market PredictIt has the probability of the GOP retaking the House at 41% as of writing – up from a low of 27% as recently as December. For additional data I asked Pete Watt of the odds aggregator OddsChecker to average the odds from every betting site together for me, and his results were consistent with PredictIt, giving the GOP a 44.4% chance of retaking the House.  If one thing is certain, it’s that those odds have continued increasing in tandem with Sanders’ rise in the polls.

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