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Report: Facebook Monitors OFFLINE Behavior to Determine if You are a “Hate Agent”

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An exclusive Breitbart report exposes the process Facebook uses to determine if users are “hate agents”–including monitoring users’ offline behavior.

A document leaked to the publication titled “Hate Agent Policy Review” reveals a number of “signals” the tech giant uses to decide if someone should be banned from the website and categorized as a “hate agent.”

Breitbart writes:

Those signals include a wide range of on- and off-platform behavior. If you praise the wrong individual, interview them, or appear at events alongside them, Facebook may categorize you as a “hate agent.”

Facebook may also categorize you as a hate agent if you self-identify with or advocate for a “Designated Hateful Ideology,” if you associate with a “Designated Hate Entity” (one of the examples cited by Facebook as a “hate entity” includes Islam critic Tommy Robinson), or if you have “tattoos of hate symbols or hate slogans.” (The document cites no examples of these, but the media and “anti-racism” advocacy groups increasingly label innocuous items as “hate symbols,” including a cartoon frog and the “OK” hand sign.)

If you are in possession of “hate paraphernalia,” you will also be a “hate agent,” however, it is unclear what classifies “hate paraphernalia.”

Your “statements made in private but later made public” are also subject to categorizing you as a “hate agent.”

For the full report from Breitbart, click HERE.

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