Report: FBI Investigating Antifa “Armed Rebellion” Plot at U.S. Border

Report: FBI Investigating Antifa “Armed Rebellion” Plot at U.S. Border

The FBI is investigating an alleged plot by “anti-fascist activists” to purchase weapons from a Mexican drug cartel and disrupt law enforcement and military efforts at the U.S. border, according to the Daily Wire.

The San Diego Union-Tribune received the unclassified FBI report from an anonymous source and cited two other law enforcement officials who confirmed the report.

The Daily Wire reports, “The investigation stems from a December 2018 scheme by the cartel to sell the weapons to activists. The man at the center of the investigation is Ivan Riebeling, described in the report as a ‘Mexico-based cartel associate known as Cobra Commander.’ The report claimed the activists sought to ‘stage an armed rebellion at the border,’ the paper reported.”

These activists “planned to disrupt U.S. law enforcement and military security operations at the US/Mexican border.”

Two of the men named in the report told the Tribune the allegations were untrue.

“It doesn’t make any sense that someone from the United States would purchase guns in Mexico,” said Reibeling. “And the Hondurans certainly didn’t bring money to buy guns. It doesn’t make any sense; in fact it’s extremely absurd to say the Hondurans wanted to attack the United States at the border.”

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