Report: John Solomon’s Laptop Stolen-Contained Ukraine Notes, Sensitive Info

Report: John Solomon’s Laptop Stolen-Contained Ukraine Notes, Sensitive Info

On the eve of the Senate impeachment trial, investigative reporter John Solomon had his laptop stolen–which contained notes on Ukraine and other sensitive information according to RealClearInvestigations’ Paul Sperry.

Most likely with the help of a “sophisticated device,” Solomon’s laptop was stolen from his vehicle which was parked just across from the White House’s Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Sperry notes break-ins are rare around the high-security area which is located just outside the White House perimeter.

The Jan. 20 police report states that no windows were broken and there were no signs of forced entry leading authorities to believe the perpetrator used an electronic jamming device to unlock the car.

Aside from the bag containing his laptop, nothing else was stolen–including cash Solomon used to pay for his metro card.

Sperry writes:

The computer and bag, which also contained his U.S. Capitol press security badge, were discovered the next day nearly a block away from where his car had been parked. The contents of the bag had been dumped out on a picnic bench near the FDIC building. The location had no security cameras, so there is no known video surveillance footage that can be reviewed. Authorities described it as one of the few “dark spots” in the area.

Solomon is currently working with a forensics investigator to determine if any information on the laptop had been stolen, and told Sperry, “It’s a pretty professional job, but it’s probably just a coincidence.”

“It was probably just a street criminal searching for pass codes,” he added. “Or it could be someone searching for my Ukraine stuff. We don’t know at this point.”

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