Report: Mueller Team Knew that Clinton, DNC Invented Russian Collusion Narrative

Report: Mueller Team Knew that Clinton, DNC Invented Russian Collusion Narrative

They all knew.

Even the Special Counsel, who kept this farce going for two years, knew.

A new report by investigative journalists John Solomon and Lee Smith indicates that Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel team obtained evidence that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC conjured up the Russian collusion story to discredit candidate Donald Trump in May 2016. It should come as no surprise that none of their findings were included in the final Mueller report.

A “person with direct knowledge of the Mueller probe” spoke to Solomon and Smith on the condition of anonymity.” This individual informed them, “We did have evidence to show that early collusion allegations against Trump and Manafort were created or propagated by people who either worked for the DNC or the Clinton campaign, including some efforts that went beyond the Steele dossier.”

Solomon and Smith asked their source why none of this information had been included in the Mueller report.

The answer? “Our job was to report on and prosecute crimes, not write an essay on how political opposition research was conducted by the two parties.”

The first document Solomon and Smith provide is an email chain between “super-lobbyist” Tony Podesta and Rick Gates. Podesta is the brother of Clinton confidante John Podesta. Gates was the manager of Paul Manafort’s lobbying firm. He ultimately struck a plea deal with the Mueller team.

Gates emailed Podesta on May 17, 2016 about a meeting between the American Polish Advisory Council and the DNC. “One of the subjects was a smear campaign against Paul Manafort, which will be launched in a couple of days. The head of the ethnic outreach is of Ukrainian descent and has connections in Ukraine.”

The head of ethnic outreach turns out to be Alexandra Chalupa, a pro-Western Ukrainian lawyer and activist. Chalupa had worked as a consultant for the DNC and for Democratic politicians including several Clinton campaign officials. She hated Manafort for his role in the re-election of pro-Russian Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2010 and his subsequent work for the pro-Russian party in Ukraine. She was also “in the tank” for Hillary Clinton.

In early 2016, Manafort reached out to Trump and soon became the chairman of his campaign. In Dan’s book, “Spygate,” he writes that “due to Manafort’s connections to Russian billionaires and Ukrainian politicians close to Putin, his hiring by Trump fueled whispered speculation that Russian forces controlled the campaign.”

Dan added that “allegations of Trump-Russia collusion started to gain steam” once Manafort joined the team and that much of this narrative was driven by Alexandra Chalupa.

Gates, referring to Chalupa, informs Podesta that, “She was able to produce documents linking Manafort to Moscow during his time as adviser to Victor Yanukowych (cq), ousted former Ukrainian president. They will try to link Donald Trump to Putin through Manafort’s engagement and money trail of over [a] billion dollars.”

Podesta responds six days later. He writes, “Think I slowed this down.”

Solomon and Smith reached out to Gates who confirmed the authenticity of the emails. Gates told them he had emailed Tony Podesta in spring 2016 to ask for his “help and support about a political opposition project that was being orchestrated by the DNC against Paul Manafort to falsely tie him to Russia as a means of suggesting Trump was tied to Russia. I told the Special Counsel I reached out to Tony at Paul’s request to see if he could help.”

Gates added, “Tony came back to me and identified the DNC operative who was running the operation as Alexandra Chalupa, the head of their ethnic coalitions. Tony also indicated he believed he had been successful in slowing down the opposition research against Paul.”

Solomon and Smith also contacted Tony Podesta who responded by email. Podesta confirmed that the email chain “looks authentic.” However, he categorically denied he “had intervened with the DNC to slow down any anti-Trump research or even knew Chalupa’s name.” He wrote, “Never did anything. Didn’t tell him Chalupa was at DNC. Didn’t know about Chalupa…Don’t remember what it refers to but clearly not Chalupa and Manafort.”

The Mueller team also obtained “a private investigator’s report commissioned by Manafort’s office entitled “Unmasking the Left’s Red Scare Anti-Trump Operatives.” The 2017 report purportedly traced Chalupa’s activities in Ukraine and the United States during the 2016 election.” The report said:

The DNC predictably is trying to distance itself from Chalupa, noting that it paid her to do outreach for its political department, not for her research. But there is no question that she was paid by the DNC throughout the election cycle and that the research she provided informed and shaped Clinton campaign strategy.

Ukrainian businessman Konstantin Kilimnik was “a trusted, longtime source in Kiev” who worked with the Obama State Department. The Mueller team obtained an August 22, 2016 email from Kilimnik to Eric Schultz, a State Department official, informing him of the Clinton/DNC plan to “tie Trump to Russia through Manafort.”

On August 19, 2016, Manafort had been forced to resign from the Trump campaign following a series of New York Times connecting him to Russian oligarchs.

Kilimnik wrote: “First, it is definitely HRC and her HQ who launched this sh**storm trying to use construction of “Putin = very bad, Putin = Manafort, Manafort = Trump, therefore Trump = Putin = very bad.”

The Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, released documents last month which said the CIA had learned of the Clinton/DNC plan in July 2016. Then-CIA Director John Brennan immediately briefed President Obama at that time.

We learned from the December 2019 Intelligence Community Inspector General’s report that the FBI, following a meeting with Christopher Steele’s sub-source in January 2017, were fairly certain that the dossier was made up. After two additional meetings in March and May 2017, the FBI knew with certainty that it had been completely fabricated. (It’s very likely the FBI knew long before this.)

One would assume the FBI would have shared this information with Robert Mueller when they turned over their counter-intelligence investigation to the Special Counsel in May 2017.

Now, we’re hearing that the Mueller team investigators knew the dossier was fake and that Clinton and the DNC had been responsible for it.

Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators interfered with a U.S. election. They must be held responsible for it. The prosecutors on the Mueller team must explain why they continued to investigate President Trump when they knew with certainty he’d done nothing wrong. Alexandra Chalupa needs to be questioned.

Under oath.

I’m not a lawyer, but this was not your garden variety political opposition research. Opposition research is investigating a candidate’s past to find information which can be exploited for political purposes. Clinton and the DNC didn’t dig up truthful information. They created false information.

Nor was it “conducted by the two parties.”

This was a concerted effort to take the focus off of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s improper use of a private email server during her tenure as the Secretary of State. After the FBI had subpoenaed Clinton’s emails, her team deleted 33,000 messages they claimed were “personal.” Next, they tried to destroy the data with Bleach Bit. Finally, they smashed her devices with hammers. Totally normal behavior for an innocent person, right?

This is criminal.

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