Reporter Who Lied About Working for China Faces $16k Fine

Reporter Who Lied About Working for China Faces $16k Fine

China’s propagandists are making their way into press briefings – somehow.

On April 7th, after being asked a question by a Hong Kong Phoenix TV reporter, Trump questioned who she worked for, and if they were owned by the Chinese government. She denied that she worked for China, and said that the company was privately owned. And she’s “technically” correct. The company is private…. but shares the Chinese government as an investor (owning 20% of the outlet), and was founded by a former propagandist for China’s People’s Liberation Army (who owns 37.1% of the company).

So in other words, the reporter who denied working for China absolutely works for China.

Days later, on the 9th, reporter Ching-Yi Chang told President Trump that he was from Taiwan (after Trump asked where he was from), which is true, but that tells us nothing about who he works for. He works for Dragon Television, which is owned by Shanghai Media Group – one of the largest state-owned media organizations in China.

While these Chinese propagandists have faced no consequences in America, Taiwan isn’t thrilled to learn about Ching-Yi’s employment.

According to the National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam:

Ching-Yi could be facing punitive action from Taiwan.

Journalist William Yang reports: “So last week, a Taiwanese journalist working for #China‘s state-run Dragon Television in the US told @realDonaldTrump that he is from Taiwan when the president asked him where he is from during a presser at the White House.

“His response drew heavy criticism from both #Taiwan and #China, as people from both sides accused him of misleading Trump and the public.

“An unexpected twist of the event is that #Taiwan‘s Mainland Affairs Council, the official government agency in charge of cross-Strait affairs, came out today to say that since Chang is still a Taiwanese citizen, his employment by Dragon TV has violated the law that governs the relationship between #Taiwan and #China, in which Taiwanese nationals are prohibited from working for any companies run by the Chinese Communist Party.

“Since Dragon TV is an affiliation of the CCP, Chang has violated the relevant clause in the law, and the Mainland Affairs Council will now seek to penalize Chang for violating the law. According to the law, Chang could be fined between 100,000 to 500,000 NTD.”

That’s up to $16,000 USD.

Now how long until a third propagandist for China makes their way into the briefing room?


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