Reports: FBI Director Wray Will Be Sacked If Trump Wins Re-election

Reports: FBI Director Wray Will Be Sacked If Trump Wins Re-election

On Sunday night, both Axios and Fox News reported they’d heard from multiple sources that President Trump plans to fire FBI Director Christopher Wray if he wins a second term.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

First, Axios reported “two people who’ve discussed these officials’ fates with the president” had told them that if Trump wins the election, “he’ll move to immediately fire FBI Director Christopher Wray and also expects to replace CIA Director Gina Haspel and Defense Secretary Mark Esper.”

Several hours later, “a senior White House official” and a second “senior administration official” told Fox News that Wray’s removal would be a priority if Trump were to prevail in November.

Regarding Esper, the senior official indicated that “it’s unclear if he’ll resign or if the president will remove him.” Trump has been unhappy with the Defense Secretary since he openly expressed his disagreement with the President about the possible use of active-duty forces to quell the riots, during a June press conference.

Esper told reporters: “The option to use active-duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as a matter of last resort and only in the most urgent and dire situations. We are not in one of those situations now. I do not support invoking the Insurrection Act.”

With respect to the CIA Director, the official said, “Haspel isn’t going anywhere. POTUS has a good relationship with her.”

Earlier this month, The Daily Beast reported they had learned from “several senior officials and close associates” that Trump would oust Wray. The article reads: “There is one thing he’s itching to do if he wins another four years in the White House: ditch his FBI director Christopher Wray, whom he privately trashes as a tool of a supposed “deep state.””

Well, is Wray not a tool of the deep state?

I’ve always said President Trump didn’t realize when he replaced James Comey with Christopher Wray that it made no difference.

Although Wray hadn’t presided over the FBI’s bogus counter-intelligence investigation of the Trump campaign, he is very much a creature of the deep state.

We know Wray was not involved in Spygate, but he sure keeps trying to cover up for those who were. He thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to cover-up the criminal behavior of former FBI officials.

Christopher Wray began his service as FBI Director in August 2017. By that time, the FBI was fully aware that the Steele dossier was a pack of lies. By February 2018, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) had discovered that the dossier had been used by the FBI in their FISA court application as the basis for the warrant to spy on Carter Page. He and his staff prepared a report which they released as the “Nunes memo.”

Wray, unhappy with the revelations, issued a public response to the Memo in which he disputed its accuracy. He wrote, “We have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.”

As you can imagine, the mainstream media ran with it. Adam Schiff, then the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, tried to force Nunes to resign.

In his December 2019 Intelligence Community Inspector General report, Michael Horowitz confirmed the accuracy of the Nunes Memo.

Since that time, Wray has stonewalled FOIA requests for FBI documents and continued to cover up the wrongdoing of FBI officials (mostly former) who were involved in the deep state plot.

The IG report identified 17 serious errors or omissions made by FBI officials as they sought to obtain a warrant to spy on Page.

In early April, several of the footnotes from Horowitz’ report were declassified and we learned that the FBI had been aware early on that the dossier was bogus. FBI agents had interviewed Steele’s primary sub-source who said the stories were either exaggerations or outright fabrications. The footnotes also disclosed that Steele may have been fed Russian disinformation. Yet the FBI continued to use the dossier to substantiate two more applications to the FISA Court.

Asked what action he would take to address the obvious problems the Horowitz team had revealed, Wray told reporters, “I am ordering over 40 corrective actions to address all of those things in a way that’s robust and serious. We’re determined to learn the lessons from this report.”

In the end, Wray distributed a video to the workforce and followed up with an all-employee email. Wray had set a deadline of  April 30 for “the completion of training, including testing to confirm that personnel understand the expectations and the materials.” I posted about this here. That was Wray’s solution to the misconduct of top officials in his organization.

In March 2020, another IG report showed that the Horowitz team had found significant flaws in 29 out of 29 randomly selected FBI FISA applications.

Republicans dismay with the FBI Director turned into outrage after the unsealing of the Flynn documents in April. It had become clear to the world that FBI officials had set up then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for political gain.

At that time, investigative reporter John Solomon, founder of Just the News, spoke to several Republican members of Congress as well as Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, about Wray.

Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ) told Solomon:

There is so much underneath the surface of the ocean, this iceberg that we haven’t even seen yet. And when you get back to Christopher Wray, that is part of my frustration…More has to be declassified.”

I have had access to 302s [FBI interview reports] that I have asked, for gosh a good year or so – and I know others have too – that they would declassify those. And they keep telling us, ‘yeah they are in the process,’ and they never declassify them. They’ve got to be declassified.

More has got to be declassified for the American people to understand why big government, why closed secret courts and processes are dangerous to the republic.

Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) also spoke to Solomon:

Director Wray owes the American people an explanation about the FBI’s misconduct with General Flynn, It’s becoming more and more apparent that the FBI ruined the life of a respected general in its goal to take down President Trump. The FBI’s actions were part of a larger pattern of wrongdoing, which were all directed against the president and his advisers. If they can do it to a president, they can do it to any of us.

Powell came out and accused Wray’s FBI of hiding the truth. She said:

Wray knew about the evidence we were requesting for General Flynn. My request was even discussed in the Director’s meeting. Most of what has been produced so far and what will be produced has been in FBI files all along–now more than three years. If the Prosecutors refused to produce it, he should have taken it to the AG or filed a whistle blower complaint himself. Instead, it would appear he was part of a conspiracy to obstruct justice and Congress, and we don’t know what else.

Wray’s attempts to stonewall requests for agency records have become familiar.

One of Wray’s most conspicuous attempts to stonewall documents involved a FOIA request filed by conservative political advocacy group Citizens United. They requested documents that Kathleen Kavalec, then serving as the State Department’s Deputy Assistant Secretary, had sent to the FBI’s counter-intelligence team following a meeting with dossier author Christopher Steele in October of 2016. Kavalec had discovered a number of anomalies in Steele’s story and emailed the FBI two days later about her suspicions. This meeting took place ten days before the FBI submitted their first application to the FISA Court for the warrant to spy on Carter Page. After much pressure, Citizens United received the documents, but they were so highly redacted, they were useless.

The group filed a new FOIA request for less-redacted copies of the documents. This time, Wray sent attorneys to court to block it, arguing that “the FBI can’t afford to jeopardize the fragile relationships that exist between the United States and certain foreign governments.” Ultimately, Citizens United received a less redacted copy.

In September, Wray testified before Congress and told lawmakers that Antifa was “not a group or an organization. It’s a movement or an ideology.”

Trump should have done a thorough housecleaning when he first arrived in Washington, but he simply didn’t understand how pervasive the corruption was or how deep it went.

Impeachment opened up his eyes. He knows he must purge his administration of as many deep staters as he possibly can to set things up for a second term.

Christopher Wray is not on his side and needs to go. Trump has many close allies from which to choose a replacement.

If the decision were mine, I would pardon General Michael Flynn to end the circus his case has become and nominate him for the spot. Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) would be on my short list as well.

Although the information we’ve learned about the deep state’s conspiracy to destroy President Trump and those associated with him has come slowly, enough has been revealed to know that the FBI was working against him. Their willingness to do whatever it took to remove Trump from office led to a complete lack of regard for the rule of law.

Many Americans, including myself, have lost faith in the FBI and it will be difficult to restore confidence.

The first step is to fire Wray.

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